Are badges and icons exclusive?
Yes. All products sold in the Arts category are exclusive to 1 buyer. Once you complete your purchase, the "Add to cart" button will disappear and the "SOLD" button will appear on the image in the catalog.
Do you make custom work?
I do not sorry
Will you make exclusive or limited meshes?
I don't know yet, meshes are a good income and if I start making them limited or exclusive, they would have to be at ridiculous prices to even come close to generating the income that a mass sale mesh brings in. So the answer is maybe for now.
What payment methods do you accept?
Only Paypal
Will you ever accept credits?
No. It is against IMVU TOS and I do not feel like loosing my accounts sorry
How to I install meshes?
I made a tutorial page just for you <3
Click Here
What if I want to use a file on an alternative account?
If you purchased the file already for an account, you are entitled to a 50% off discount. Just contact me on imvu with your Paypal receipt ID and I will give you your special code for the new purchase of the same file.
Where can I download a file I purchased?
When logged into your account, you can hover over the Account menu and click on Downloads
When is the next sale?
I can't really disclose or it would beat the purpose, but I can say that I rarely make sales to avoid making others who payed full price sad. Just keep an eye open for new products, those are more likely to have the sale tag since no one have purchased them yet.
I have a coupon, where do I enter the code to get my discount?
On the checkout page, at the top you will see a couple of notifications. You will see the "Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code" Click on it to enter your coupon code.
I have a lot of points, how do I redeem them?
On the checkout page, at the top you will see a couple of notifications. You will see the "Have Reward Points ?" Notification, click on "Redeem it" and enter the amount of points you wish to spend.
I made a purchase and I did not receive my points. What now?
You can contact me on IMVU with your concern, it could be a number reasons including: A bug with the site or you used a coupon code (You cannot use a coupon in conjunction with points)

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