You MAY use the files in 1 imvu catalog –  Buy again to use on an alternative account
You MAY set the MESHES as derivable
You MAY NOT set TEXTURES as derivable
You MAY NOT resell any of my files under any shape or form
[Not applicable to those who bought resell rights on my old files store]
You MAY NOT use my files in an other virtual world – for IMVU only!
You MAY NOT claim my work as your own (Filing a dmca takedown is the same as claiming my work as your own. Only I can file dmca notices, and your name will show up on the counter-notification)


 You MAY NOT give away or resell my pixel graphics in any shape or form
 You MUST credit me somewhere when you use pixels for badges
 You MUST grant the badge to AquarianPrincess once made
 You MAY NOT claim my work as your own
 You MAY sell the badges in your IMVU catalog
Rules may be added with notice if needed 

Anyone found breaking one or more of my rules, will permanently have their rights revoked and files taken down

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