Retroactive Points Notice:

If you bought some of my files, please contact me via IMVU with screenshot(s) of your transactions in paypal 

I will be more than glad to calculate the points and add them to your current balance

To retrieve your transactions:

In paypal, go to the Activity tab and enter the emails provided below to find the purchases you made from me
You can set the date start to 1 or 2 years prior to make sure they all appear

 Enter the email adress : for the old PIXIVIDA site – Enter the email adress: for PAYHIP


What are points for?
Points are earned by simple actions or purchases from my website and can be redeemed via checkout to get awesome discounts!

Conversion Rate for Points
10 Pts = 1$


Points Chart
Earn 1 Pts per daily login
Earn 5 Pts for Product review [Limit 1 per product per user]
Earn 5 Pts for Blog Post comment [Limit 1 per post per user]
Earn 50% Pts of product price per purchase [Ex: 50$ = 25pts]
Earn 20 Pts for new account registration [One time only]
Earn 100 Pts for first purchase on the site [One time only]

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