Pixvida is currently blocked by Facebook & Instagram and as been since it opened, after several attempts to get it unblocked for social login and sharing, Facebook never answered my messages or as to why and how I could fix the issue that is preventing PIXVIDA from being able to promote on their platform. After doing a little digging, I am 90% sure that it’s due to the CMS I am using. So I changed the PHP script and changed host + Domain to be sure. You can now create new account on pixiboop.com quickly with facebook login or google login.

Pixvida will stay active until the 3rd of september 2021, so please take the time to download your purchased files and store them in a secure storage. Pixvida will not be updated with new products or promotions by AquarianPrincess a.k.a Alexandra_On_IMVU. Other vendors may submit products to Pixvida knowing that it will close on the above date.

  • Vendors will need to re-apply with a small 3 field form
  • Vendor payment system changed to payouts
  • Coupons from pixvida are not valid on pixiboop

Click here for the new website


Back to shop Welcome to MoonShine Designs files sale!

Welcome to MoonShine Designs files sale!



This is an intro product, you can edit or delete me after reading instructions

Please ignore the following check boxes in the product edit panel:  shipping, commissions, recurring billing agreement, taxes, enable expiress checkout button and sandbox modes

You have to check the following boxes: Virtual, Downloadable and No shipping required

Please don’t forget to always post products in your designed Vendors category if you want payments to go to your PayPal account!

Eg. https://gyazo.com/e6cb1ff71444e104f62aa55ce2b15ea9

(If a wrong box is checked, it could lead to unwanted surprises, such as the money going to a different PayPal account or a failed transaction)

The payment system I use is not the one included in your vendor dashboard

Why all of this? Because I prefer payments going directly to the merchant instead of passing by my PayPal first, with my own system, the current the payments are direct from the costumers PayPal account to the sellers PayPal account

Also if you want to change your PayPal email at some point, contact staff PIXVIDA or Alexandra

The one one included in your vendors dashboard will not work, I need to change it from the backend (Because we are not using the default system)

Again welcome to PIXVIDA’s Vendors


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